Responsibility - the call of a board member

Responsibility - the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

While listening to some inspiring music recently, I got to thinking about the responsibility of a board member. It’s a long word –6 syllables, but is such a statement about the protection of an organisation.

Board members take on an incredible responsibility within the NFP sector – to drive an organisation to achieve a mission, while using personal and financial accountability to further that goal.

While board meetings may be frequent there are many questions that members can be considering, in order to give them the best understanding of the organisation they are responsible for.

The Harvard Business reviews posits “What are you not discussing that you need to talk about?” as one of the questions. What ‘business as usual’ is continuing but could be adjusted to provide better outcomes for the organisation? This is an area that procurement transformation usually sits within. “We’ve always done it this way” is a standard answer when questioned about which suppliers are being used, is no longer acceptable. Boards need transparency of financial decisions and this filters all the way down, to which suppliers are being frequented and why.

Utilising a software solution that offers this transparency, along with the secondary benefit of saving time and money would be a worthwhile addition to any community and charitable organisation.

Responsibility is a double edged sword that offers great personal reward to those who take it on – and to the board members out there working to guide organisations who change the community, we thank you.


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