Transparent procurement has a new home

The procurement function plays a vital role in the success of Not for profit organisations. It is of immense strategic importance because it impacts the organisation's performance. It is guided by the principles of transparency, accountability and value for money.

Vital Sourcing is an Australian-owned procurement service for community and charitable organisations. It officially launched today, 10 November 2021, overlooking the historic Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) cricket ground in Perth.

Don Punch is a member of the Western Australian State Parliament representing Bunbury, and the Minister for Disability Services, Fisheries, Innovation and ICT, and Seniors and Ageing for the McGowan Government. During his time in the public sector, he’s always wondered if they were involved in the procurement process or if they were there to do something more significant. He had plenty to say about Vital Sourcing:

“The more I looked into what Vital Sourcing was about, like so many innovative businesses it does need to be concerned about how to build sustainability in a business, but it was also driven by values – social values – bringing humanity and inclusion in a clinical process of procurement. When we think about those values and what we are procuring for, what the end game is. The legacy of engagement between procurement and suppliers is about how that relationship is taken forward giving value to both sides ...”

He goes on to say that: “It’s fundamentally about building relationships and bringing people together to drive something forward in a meaningful way. Procurement is the beginning of a relationship where an organisation chooses to go with a supplier. Building positive values and relationships is fundamental.”

Companies that are buying and selling are concerned with their social standing, licence to operate and their value base. The procurement link should allow people to connect online and build relationships, but also include a value base into the platform. In this way, the procurement process becomes more human. Building an understanding of who the parties are is an important first step in the procurement process.

By connecting like-minded businesses, educational organisations and not-for-profit organisations with like-minded local businesses, Vital Sourcing supports the local government's effort to get local spend to local businesses – ultimately creating closer relationships with the marketplace.

“Vital Sourcing is a key part of this equation”, Punch says, “and I think it has a great future.”

First-hand insight into its significance

Christina Matthews is the Chief Executive Officer of the WACA and a former Australian cricketer. Christina is Australia's most-capped female test player and holds the record for most dismissals by a wicketkeeper. She is one of only three women in the world to hold the position of CEO of a first-class cricket association.

Christina and her team have been responsible for significant organisational change, from becoming an inclusive employer and focusing on inclusive programmes to changing the way cricket was commercialised in the state to offer programmes and games to wider audiences.

In her journey to change her organisation, she placed a bigger focus on the procurement aspect and had seen first-hand the significant impact it can have in an organisation. Christina said that her organisation often gets messed around by suppliers and congratulated Jodie Rybicki and Alison Welsh for their innovation in this space. Jodie and Alison are the co-founders of Frogponds Software, the software that Vital Sourcing runs on.

Vital Sourcing is looking forward to making a difference, one purchase at a time.

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